Eventi e Tradizioni

Agriculture Day The annual fair, which started in 1999, takes place in April and May and lasts for four days. It is funded by the local administration. The fair wants to be an opportunity for the farmers to appreciate the technological innovations in agriculture and relaunch of the local economy. It has bettered every year and today it represents an important regional event in the agricultural, zootechnical and handicraft sectors. The fair has grown each year and today represents an important regional event in the agricultural, technical and handicraft sectors. The fair represents an important promotional vehicle for many exhibitors in the sector and many people come to visit the stands and the village. Tourist flow has been significant - around 30.000 annual visits over the last several years - sustained by cultural tradition and the identity and resources of the area. During the event, there are different areas of interest. The most important is the exhibition area dedicated to agricultural machines and equipment and the technical innovations of the sector. Another important section is the display of local crafts and products. Agricultural and food stands exhibit genuine and delicious local products which can be tasted by visitors. A special section is dedicated to wine and cheese contests which enrich and complete the event. A number of horse exhibitions and competitions are also held, as the so-called battesimo della sella (baptism of the saddle - for who has never ridden a horse). Animal beauty contests are also famous and entertaining. Seminars are organized to debate and to provide a better understanding of the problems and local concerns of the community. Agriculture Day has also become an opportunity to show visitors a countryside characterized by the maintenance of tradition, respect for the environment, good taste, organic farming, innovations and peasant culture. Valledolmo has an historical agricultural and technical tradition, and thus can be considered a natural epicenter of a culture with rural values which also aims to develop a modern and innovative approach to agriculture while respecting tradition and simplicity. Modern agricultural and food firms from Valledolmo which participate in the tomato, wine, cheese and pasta sectors of the economy have directed their attention on these qualities, focusing on organic production and the perfection of both tradition and modern excellence. The fair has become a regional affair thanks to the attention shown by local Associations and Institutions (Provincia Regionale di Palermo – Regione Siciliana – Unione dei Comuni della Valle del Torto e dei Feudi - Associazione Regionale Allevatori Sicilia – Istituto Sperimentale Zootecnico per la Sicilia – Ente di sviluppo agricolo – Consorzio Carni Valli dell’Olmo - Associazione Equestre Valle dell’Olmo). This diffuse interest constitutes for Valledolmo and its Municipal administration grounds for strong encouragement to continue in this direction, offering continued growth and opportunity to the area. The challenge today is to have the fair be not only a great agricultural, technical and craftsmanship event, but also a tourist attraction of the Sicilian inland based on the rediscovery of agricultural activities, peasantry and heritage which may not exist for long if future generations do not maintain an interest in agriculture. Thus traditional tourism (villas, historical palaces, oil-mills, old millstones or winepress, typical residences, smaller historical centers, etc.) together with environmental and agricultural tourism can contribute to increased variety and differentiation of the tourist offering, satisfying an increasing demand for multi-season tourist flow. The principal objective of this event should be promotion of the area through agricultural and food products, local craftsmanship, local traditions and culture, and the beauty of the landscape.